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When love takes over

I’ve been going mental trying to figure out what Lady Gaga’s new song reminded me of, and I finally figured it out.

There are just so many aspects of it that remind me of David Guetta/Kelly Rowland - When love takes over. 

Give it a listen:

And gaga’s:

02.20.11 1

I want you to take over control, Plug it in and turn me on 

02.20.11 0

Can’t say I don’t like it. Say what you want about Britney Spears, but her songs are catchy, and there will always be an audience. AND I still stand by her Circus tour being one of the best shows I’ve been to.

02.17.11 0
Reblog from-My Obsessive Personality: 1950's Galore

I’m loving the Vintage Pink Canisters, for sure!!


Here are some loverly items that remind me of that wonder decade. For some reason this stuff just inspires me and brings a smile to my face. If I had the money I would literally own all of theses, except maybe the pants.

1. Vintage Pink Canisters, $40; 2. Green Band Cup and Saucer,…

02.09.11 1

This pretty much describes my whole night.

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3-Day Detox

Starting a 3-day detox tomorrow. The bottle totally says “take 5 capsules each morning and afternoon with meals” oh, NBD… 10 pills a day, 5 a time, that’s not overwhelming or anything, nope not at all.


01.18.11 0

All I have to say is ROFL. Are they kidding?

01.17.11 0

My new favorite Mayhem commercial. Who am I kidding, I love them all!!!

But this one is so true. My GPS does this all the time!

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Love that dirty water, Boston you’re my home <3

01.12.11 75

love this commercial <3

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